But…I love pinot grigio even when I don’t have murder on my mind. Or maybe I just always feel like I want to murder someone…or at least punch someone in the face.

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don’t check up on people who have decided you are not in their picture anymore. you don’t need to know how they’re doing. save yourself the trouble, seriously.

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If you command me to do something that I was already planning on doing the chances of me doing that thing automatically drop to zero

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ppl who constantly radiate bad vibes are so exhausting like how are you always so that way

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quick personality test


say “hey now” in a group of people and see if they respond with “you’re an allstar” or “this is what dreams are made of”

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Skillet Chicken with Mexican Green Rice


Skillet Chicken with Mexican Green Rice

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.الجيات أحسن من الرايحات
What is coming is better than what is gone.
Arabic Proverb   (via u-nified)
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Bacon Mac and Cheese


Bacon Mac and Cheese

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If you’re tired of protein shakes like me, here’s a great way to switch things up!
Chocolate Banana Pancakes 
Waffles Two ways
Tiramisu Pancakes 
Breakfast Bowl
Oreo Double Stuffed Protein Pancakes 
Gingerbread Oatmeal Bake
Chocolate Frappucino 
Homemade Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Blueberry Oatmeal
Sweet Potato Mugcake 
Apple, Flax, Cinnamon Donuts 
Vanilla Frappe 
Peppermint Mocha Pancakes
Baked Coconut Oatmeal
Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes 
Peach Baked Oats
Chocolate Raspberry Crepes 
Cinnamon Roll
Gingerbread Donuts with Vanilla Bean Frosting
Ham and Cheese Rolls
Sweet Potato Salad with Almond Butter Dressing
Beastly Burgers 
Quiche with Chickpea Crust
Protein Bread Turkey Sandwich 
Mashed Potatoes 
Mussels, Leeks and Spinach
Basic Tortilla Recipie
Mini Brie and Bacon Tartlets 
Mac n’ Cheese
Zucchini Boats
Spinach Salmon Pizza 
Cauliflower Mini Pizza
Gluten Free Protein Pasta
Spicy Turkey Burgers
Spinach Frozen Yogurt 
Super Jello
Thick and Chewy Nutella Cookies
Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge Brownies 
Vegan Tofu Pudding
Mango Protein Cheesecake
Low Carb Brownies
Recovery Rice Crispies 
Cinnamon Apples
Cucumber Cheesecake
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Layer Cake
Grasshopper Pie
White Chocolate Brownies
Vanilla Cheesecake 
Lemon Meringue
Apricot Carrot Cookies
Chocolate Mini Cheesecakes
Salted Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake 
Cherry Pie
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Vegan Pumpkin Mouse 
Thin Mint Cookies
Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream
Peanut Butter and Jelly Chocolate Fudge
Vegan Creme Brulee
Coconut Protein Balls
Avocado Green Tea Power Shake
Banana Bread Smoothie
Pineapple Apple Kale Smoothie
Tortilla Chips with Spicy Salmon Dip 
Power Smoothie
Fruit and Veggie Leathers
Double Chocolate Energy Bites
Pecan Apple Hemp Granola
Vanilla Lime Smoothies
No Bake Protein Bars
Banana Bread Bars
Chocolate Crunch Bar
Maple Date Bars
Zucchini Bars
Red Velvet Protein Bar
Toffee Hemp Mini Bars
Pumpkin Blondie Bars
Carrot Cake Bars
ABC Energy Bars
Hemp Granola Bars
Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars
No Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bars
Peanut Butter Banana Bars
No Bake Chocolate Mint Bars
Bacon and Chili Dark Chocolate Bars
Apple Cobbler Bar
Sweet Potato Rosemary Bread
Eggnog Bread with Rum Glaze
Nutella Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Muffins
Banana Nut Bread
Oat Bran Banana Muffins
Double Chocolate Power Muffins
Lemon Blueberry Coffee Cake
Gluten Free Zucchini Bread
Orange Chocolate Swirl Bread
Single Serve Vegan English Muffin
Savory Lentil Cake
Low Carb Spinach Bread
Basic Pizza Crust
Apple Cinnamon Bread


If you’re tired of protein shakes like me, here’s a great way to switch things up!








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calling out slut shaming hells yes


calling out slut shaming hells yes

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Comment on the size of a man’s penis and it’s a low blow and a stab at his masculinity. Comment on the size of a woman’s anything and it’s a social norm. 

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#best line in the world of everything

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